Polyurethane Foam Class Action

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Cheques to Standard Claim filers were issued December 21st, 2018.  

$38M Class Action Settlement

Canadians to get money back for purchase of flexible polyurethane foam and eligible polyurethane foam products as part of $38M class action settlement

Who is eligible for compensation?

You are automatically a Class Member and can complete a claim form if you:

When will I get paid?

There are a number of steps to complete before we can pay claims.

After we receive all the claims, we must review them and send out decision notices. Class Members having filed a standard claim have the right to appeal their entitlement and if any Class Members exercise their right to appeal, that appeal process must be completed.

Accurate claims processing takes time and your patience is appreciated. We estimate that cheques will be mailed out 8-12 months after the claims deadline.

End-consumers whose simplified claims for $20 are approved, will also have the option to receive their compensation by e-transfer (except for business claimants).

Which products qualify?

Flexible polyurethane foam refers to a type of foam used in furniture, mattresses, carpet underlay, and in many other contexts.

 A claim can be made for the purchase of flexible polyurethane foam made in Canada and for the purchase of the following eligible foam products, if made in Canada:

How do I request money?

How much can I claim?

For more information

 See the FAQ page. and the  Distribution Protocol.

Or contact the Claims Administrator

RicePoint Administrations Inc. at:



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